InSciEd Out is an evidence-based classroom intervention that cultivates young scientists who are eager to pursue advanced level science curriculum and motivated to improve the health of their community.

Integrated Science Education Outreach (InSciEd Out) began as a collaboration between the Mayo Clinic, Winona State University, and Rochester Public Schools with the shared vision of achieving excellence in science education for all students. InSciEd Out represents a partnership paradigm through which curriculum change is empowered by intellectual and technical resources found within each partner organization. Put simply, teachers are not asked to run a laboratory, and scientists are not asked to manage a kindergarten classroom. Instead, both are asked to share their expertise for a common end: science excellence. InSciEd Out-catalyzed change is conducted in an open environment of evaluation, assessment, refinement and continual professional development. Our success is focused on enhanced student achievement, with strong metrics included for all participants including teachers, administrators, students and science partners.

The organization began in Rochester Public Schools (RPS) in the spring of 2009, and to date in RPS, InSciEd Out has reached 163 teachers and each year reaches 2000-3000 students at Lincoln K-8 Choice School, Franklin Elementary/Montessori at Franklin, Longfellow Choice School and Kellogg Middle School. InSciEd Out also partners with students at Century High School through STEM Society, a school organization focusing on motivating students to explore STEM areas and open opportunities for educational enrichment. We also have partnerships with the Moreland Arts and Health Sciences Magnet School in St. Paul, the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities, the International Community School in Kumasi, Ghana and the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research of India.

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