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InSciEd Out exists as a privately funded initiative whose main contributors include foundations, institutions and individuals. We’re focused at nothing short of reimagining how science education happens because the world needs not only scientists, but the critical thinking that forms the basis of the scientific process. By making science engaging, fun, and relatable, we’re showing children science isn’t just a class or topic, it can become a lifelong career and passion.

This is no small undertaking. We need your support both in financial terms and in time as well. Please contact us today to learn about large and small donation opportunities including major benefactor partnerships that are available so we can continue to bring science education to all children.

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Additionally, we also seek volunteers. Our programs work because educators, parents and everyday community leaders have recognized the importance of science education and the local empowerment that comes from energized students. Immersive education only happens when we can provide a hands on experience and that requires hands! We encourage you to contact us here to inquire about how you can be a part of our InSciEd Out vision.